Thursday, January 26, 2012

Happy Lunar New Year!!

This week is the biggest celebration for Koreans throughout the year. It's their Lunar New Year. It is traditionally celebrated on the second new moon day after the winter solstice. This year that was January 23rd. They celebrate for 3 days and take the opportunity to travel to visit family during this time. Everyone gets dressed up in their hanboks, has traditional foods, and the little ones collect money from their parents, grandparents, and older family members.

The boys' babysitter, who is Korean, has helped me understand this holiday more. When we got their hanboks, they came with a little purse-like bag. I wasn't sure what it was for or how to use it, until this week. Lydia told me that those are the money pouches the kids carry around to collect their money in. A traditional bow is performed when meeting an elder and then money is collected. Lydia said typically a lot of money!! (Don't tell the boys, but that tradition won't be carried out in this house!)

We have been too busy this week to do much celebrating or to have Korean food, but we are going to a Lunar New Year party on Saturday night with other adoption families to celebrate this big holiday with all our kiddos from Korea. More pictures to come!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Nov/Dec Friend for Adoption

 I have a little catching up to do. Obviously keeping up with the blog was not a New Years resolution. So, each month my friend for adoption, Julie, and I have been sending each other a little gift to stay encouraged. It has been a lot of fun to try to pick out something that I think someone, who I have never met and know very little about, would like. In November I sent her a photo tile necklace of her little guy (and forgot to take a picture of it beforehand). In December, I sent her a package of Inchbugs for her son's cups. These are fabulous labels that have your kid's name engraved on one side and braille on the other side. You can put them on any cup or bottle so that everyone knows whose cup is whose when you are in public places. Because any mom knows that writing with sharpie each time you drop them off somewhere gets old quick! I also bought Grayson and Neylan a set. They come in a pack of 4 for about $13!

Julie had a lot going on in November so she doubled up and sent me one gift for both months. She sent me this beautiful necklace, which I love and will wear as a reminder of just how blessed I am.

If you are new to my blog and want to know more about Friends for Adoption, check out the button on the right! It's been fun to connect with others who also share the same heart for adoption. 

Monday, January 2, 2012

Finally, a Celebration

Since we didn't get to celebrate Neylan's citizenship on the day that it happened two weeks ago (because we were really sick), we decided it would be fun to take our families out to have some real Korean food in honor of Neylan. We found what looked like a good restaurant in town and decided to try their lunch buffet. It was really good and authentic. The person who liked it the least- Neylan! We are still really trying to convince our Asian that Asian food is delicious! 

Our lunch was great, but they didn't serve dessert and Grayson was asking for it. So, in order to not disappoint the American, we went for frozen yogurt. Grayson got to pick the toppings for he and Neylan's bowl (chocolate/vanilla swirl yogurt with white chocolate chips and jellybeans!). This American treat was a hit with both boys, especially Neylan, the Asian! 

Grayson's favorite part may have been the big chalkboard on the wall

What a great celebration to end the year. What a year it has been in this journey. When we were home last Christmas we had just received our referral and were filling out our acceptance paperwork. And this Christmas we have Neylan and have been home six months already. Wow, time flies. Neylan is doing well and is blending in with our family nicely. I can't wait to watch him grow and develop even more during the next year. 

We love you Neylan!