Thursday, May 24, 2012

Friend for Adoption {catching up}

It's been a while since I reported on what Julie and I exchanged for our little monthly gifts. That's becuase we have both gotten really far behind the past few months. But on Saturday, I got a big package delivered. Julie sent me a Thirty-One large insulated tote and this cool cup. I LOVE it all!! She made up for the 3 months she had missed!

In March, I sent Julie a set of Resurrection eggs for her son to have at Easter. These eggs are really cool and tell the story of Easter in a simple way (although not simple enough for a 2 yr old, but he can grow into them).

In April, I sent her an itunes gift card and a pack of nice running socks- all to enhance her workouts. I bought myself the socks and love them. ( I didn't take a picture of this gift). And her May gift, well, I've been slacking and haven't gotten there yet.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Happy Children's Day- take 2

This past weekend, the Korean-American Society of Greater KC held their annual Children's Day celebration at a local park. Several people from our adoption group were talking about this at our first Children's Day picnic, so we decided to go check it out. We had a great time. They fed us lunch and had so many things for the kids to do.

hot dogs on a chopstick- genius!!

Their first cotton candy tasting

the inflatables were a big hit with our adventurous little guys

Neylan and Grayson both had stars painted on their face

the bubble area was another huge hit!

another first- slushees!

and another first- kite flying

they each got a balloon from the clown and went home happy and worn out

We are so blessed to have groups like these in our area so that we can connect with other adoptive families and make some great Korean friends. Looking forward to the next event

Monday, May 14, 2012

Children's Day

Children's Day is a big holiday in South Korea. It is May 5th of each year and on this day children are honored by their parents. It is customary for parents to give little gifts, take the kids on excursions and spend time with them. I hear that everyone is off of work in order to spend more time with their kids and every restaurant lets kids eat free on this day. So, in honor of Children's Day, our local adoption group had a picnic last weekend with our bunch of kids from South Korea. 

It was held at a local park and the kids had a blast!

Their first freezer pops!

These two are just a month apart in age and L's mommy and I are trying our hardest to get these two to like each other!

Well this is a start