Thursday, March 29, 2012

Finally- the announcement!

Adam mentioned that we had a big announcement on facebook a couple weeks ago. It got several of you all riled up and when he told me he said that, I had to ask him what this big news was! So, here it is! Adam wrote it down to share with you all. I'm sure some of you have noticed that the blogs have been put on the back burner the past little bit. This is why. We have SOOO much going on and life is more chaotic than ever right now. Transition is hard and we have been in this transition process for nearly a year now. We are beginning to get a glimpse of the light at the end of the tunnel and are excited for what the future holds.

We are NOT expecting (sorry to disappoint) but have some exciting news to share. This may come to some as a complete surprise but to others not a huge shock. I, Adam, will not be returning to teaching next year as I am going into full time ministry. I am really excited about what God is doing and continuing to do in my life to confirm this calling. So, I have turned in my letter of resignation at my school and will begin FULL TIME MINISTRY on June 4th. I will be coming on staff at Lenexa Baptist Church as the Director of Children’s ministry. I am so excited to have the opportunity to work at an amazing church that we have called our home for the last 5 years. This is something that we can’t explain except that God orchestrates everything in his timing. So, that is why we have put our house on the market and started to look for a house closer to our church. Once again, it is amazing to see God’s hand throughout this process. I will thank you in advance for the prayers and can’t wait to share updates as we move forward in this calling on our lives. So, maybe not the announcement you thought but we are STOKED!!!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

autographs coming soon

We're going to be movie stars!!!! Kinda! When Neylan and I went back to his ENT follow-up a couple of weeks ago, the doctor mentioned that she was wanting to do some kind of story about how diet affects children's health. Cool idea, I thought! Last week we got a phone call from the doctor and she wants us to be featured in a documentary she is filming about this topic. I don't feel like I am ready for this at all since we are reading labels and monitoring everything that we eat and are still making mistakes! But, we agreed and are going to do it. There will be a few other families being filmed as well. She said it will be an interview similar to 60 Minutes!! I didn't expect her to be running with this idea so soon, but she is and so are we. I might learn something from the other families. I have no idea what this documentary will be used for, but if you would love to see it, I'm sure I'll have a copy. And I'll make the popcorn- but it will have to be plain- any other kind has butter- and therefore dairy!!!!

{Feb} Friend for Adoption

Whew! I am so behind on being a good friend for adoption, but I really like our gifts for February.

I found a fun etsy shop on Pinterest recently and loved what I saw. Lots of fun adoption jewelry from a family who lives about an hour from us and are adopting. I was happy to support her and her venture.

So, I found this fun necklace for Julie

and I found this one for me!

Julie sent this CD to the boys so we could have some dance parties! All 3 of our boys are big Fresh Beat Band fans, so this was a really fun gift for them.

Monday, March 12, 2012

knock on wood

We are now ONE week drool, runny nose, and excema FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are making progress and it feels good. It definitely seems to be the dairy that did him in. So, we are eating completely dairy-free and are finding some substitutes for the things we crave! I bought my first package of dairy-free cheese last week. It contained less than 2 cups of cheese and was $3.50!! EEK!! This will only be a treat. I made homemade mac and cheese with this veggie cheese and rice milk. It tasted pretty good and both boys cleaned their plates.

Bee Bim Bop

I purchased this book for the boys before we traveled to Korea and it has now become a favorite. Bee Bim Bop is a popular Korean dish of marinated meat, vegetables, and egg over rice. The book has a catchy rhythm and a delicious recipe in the back. I highly recommend this book for any of our Korean friends.

Grayson was so excited to help cook this meal. He talked about it all day and could not wait for Daddy to come home so he could start cooking.

Rice is ready!

You serve each dish separately and then combine it all and mix it!

Grayson wanted to eat with chopsticks, so we all ate with chopsticks!

It turned out to be delicious! We will definitely be making this again

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

He's Cured!!

Well, that's what the doctor says anyway! Neylan had his ENT follow-up appt this morning and of course, he looked and performed great! He's been having good days, without much drooling, drainage, runny nose, and excema, since Monday. So, today he looked like a different person from the appearance he gave 5 weeks ago. The doctor walked in and took one look at him and said, "wow, you cured him"! So, she asked how things were going and if I had been open to the suggestions she gave last visit. I started by telling her that I felt she was under the impression that all of these problems had been created with the implementation of Neylan's "America" diet. So, cleared up that point and made sure that she knew that was not the case, but told her that the only link I could think of between the two countries was in fact the dairy. I gave her the run down of all that we have been doing, the diet changes we had made, and what we were seeing, (which really hasn't been much). She was very pleased that we had taken this challenge and run with it, actually taking it further than what she asked us to by going dairy-free. She said that he wasn't perfect by any means yet and that we are probably only beginning to see the progress she anticipates he will be making. So, the plan for now is to keep running with our dairy-free lifestyle and if in the next few weeks to months, nothing improves, we will call her back and start talking about removing his adenoids. When she scoped him last visit, she determined that his adenoids were enlarged about 70%. She said that was a fine size, but if they got much larger, we would remove them. Today when I asked her at what point and size she does adenoidectomies, she said 70% and beyond. So, if he can't start breathing through his nose and stop snoring, we will consider this.  Will keep you posted and see if we are on the right track to good health!