Thursday, May 24, 2012

Friend for Adoption {catching up}

It's been a while since I reported on what Julie and I exchanged for our little monthly gifts. That's becuase we have both gotten really far behind the past few months. But on Saturday, I got a big package delivered. Julie sent me a Thirty-One large insulated tote and this cool cup. I LOVE it all!! She made up for the 3 months she had missed!

In March, I sent Julie a set of Resurrection eggs for her son to have at Easter. These eggs are really cool and tell the story of Easter in a simple way (although not simple enough for a 2 yr old, but he can grow into them).

In April, I sent her an itunes gift card and a pack of nice running socks- all to enhance her workouts. I bought myself the socks and love them. ( I didn't take a picture of this gift). And her May gift, well, I've been slacking and haven't gotten there yet.

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