Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Lights- Gangnam Style!

There is a house in a neighborhood close to ours that has really gone all out this year and synchronized their lights to music. When you pull up, you tune your car radio to a certain station and watch and listen. Adam and the boys found this house last week and the boys wanted to take me back to see it. I had my camera out as we were watching and then this song came on! Of course we had to stay to hear it and see the show!! As soon as it came on, you hear Grayson in the back seat saying "we learned this at school, Mom"!! Hilarious. While most kids are learning their ABC's and the Wheels on the Bus, mine are learning Korean rap songs! Only in the care of a Korean do you get cultured like this!!  She told me that she has taught them the dance, but not shown them the video (thank goodness!) This was a great way to end our family night last week.

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