Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Small Snapshot

We received an encouraging email from our agency today. It was an in-depth report on Neylan's development, characteristics, and personality. He is doing really well and we can't wait to have him home. Many people have said that this phase of the process is the hardest. The waiting gets more difficult with time. I can fully attest to that. All we have is some info on paper and 4 pictures, but I am falling in love with this kid. My kid!! Unfortunately, we still have a few months to wait to meet him. So, for now, I will try to be happy with the info and pictures that we do have. He better enjoy not having so many pictures now, becuase when he gets to this house, his momma is going to make up for it. There will be a camera out all the time.

So, back to the update. Developmentally, all is good. He is learning to sit on his own. He rolls all over the place, reaches for toys and brings them to his mouth, visually tracks objects, smiles when he makes eye contact, and looks up when his name is called. He is also a good eater and sleeper!!

It was fun to hear about his personality and some of his likes and dislikes.
  • He laughs at music
  • He watches children's TV programs attentively
  • He enjoys deep sleep in a quiet and dark environment (HALLELUJAH!!!)
  • Does not fret before sleeping
  • Likes to take baths
  • Likes to be massaged after baths
  • Is not shy with strangers
  • Makes friends easily when he is played with
  • Likes to be held
Does this personality sound familiar to anyone? For those of you who know Grayson well, it sounds like Neylan and Grayson are two peas from the same pod. Reading over this list brought a lot of joy to our hearts as we realized that our boys have a lot in common already. This is going to be a fun journey.


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