Sunday, March 13, 2011


We're finally moving again and if feels great! We applied for our I600 approval (petition to classify an orphan as an immediate relative) on Feb. 8th. This is the last piece needed by our government. We patiently waited a couple of weeks before calling about it and were told it could take 75 days from the time we applied to approval. Well that's discouraging news when you see other families get approved much faster. So, we waited another two weeks and called again last Friday. The lady told Adam that we were in the system, but it would take another two to three weeks to be assigned an officer, who would approve our paperwork. Bummer! Really discouraged now. Why is it taking soooo long??? Adam did some sweet talking and this week. . .  .


We're approved! Our approval notice came in the mail on Friday. We were approved on March 9, which was just Wednesday. Just 3 days after we called last week. Hmm!! We'll take it.

So, things might start moving along a little faster for us now. Since this was the last piece of paperwork needed by the US govt, the rest of the process is up to Korea. So, we just sit and wait on them to do their thing. Hoping they do it quickly! We now anticipate we might travel late May or early June. That's just our guess though. Really, no one knows. But, we do need to get ready to get our little guy. We have a room to get ready for him!

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