Monday, July 11, 2011

First Annual Check-Up

(I accidently put this post on the wrong blog and it messed up my dates. Everything is fixed now)
Neylan had his first trip to the doctor last Wednesday. Both kids checked out fine and did a great job.

This big boy is 25.2 lbs (51st %ile) and 32" tall (95th %ile)

Grayson is so big, he graduated to the big people scale. He is 28.2 lbs (30th %ile) and 33" tall (20th %ile)

Did you catch there's only 3 lbs and 1 inch difference in these two!

And, since Grayson is such a big boy now, he no longer has to wait for the doctor in a diaper- he gets to wear a gown!!

Four shots later, we headed home

Little did we know how much trouble those three shots Neylan was given would cause. He started feeling bad on Wednesday night and began running a fever. He had a hard time going to sleep and woke up frequently. Enough that Adam was kicked to the couch and Neylan took his spot in our bed. That was one sleepless night. The round of ibuprofen and round of tylenol were not cutting the fever and he was moving around like he was in a lot of pain. His head and trunk were on fire. Finally, the 3:30 dose of ibuprofen began working and once he was completely stripped of all clothes, he was able to sleep a bit.

Thursday, the real mess started and continues today. We are now on day 5 of icky, dirty diapers. I will do my best to keep the gore out of this post, but folks, it's bad here. The smell especially!! I called the doctor on Friday to talk through some things and try to get something eliminated. She said that likely this was caused by the shots or the fever and not to worry about lactose intolerance, which was another concern. But, I'm stumped. Why has everything been ok for the last 3 weeks until these shots were given? So, the first thing we are doing is eliminating dairy (Since 90% of Asians are lactose intolerant, we thought this was a safe move). He's been on milk-based formula in Korea (which we just found out has very little lactose in it), milk-based formula here, and cow's milk. And all was just fine. But, there's something just not right. So, I switched over to soy milk yesterday afternoon and the evening went well. But, today, there have been 6 explosions- the worst leading Neylan straight to the bathtub and the sheets straight to the washing machine! He's a lot more fussy, clingy, and not acting like the happy kid we were seeing emerge last week. So, maybe it's not the lactose. I'm going to give it a few more days before I call the doctor again.



  1. Aww, poor guy! Poor you guys!

    I wonder if he has a stomach virus that hit the day of the shots??

  2. Could it be teething? Some kiddos get terrible diarrhea when they teeth. Or, maybe he's just really grieving the loss of his foster family? Just taking a stab at it here!