Tuesday, July 5, 2011

We made a HUGE mistake!

All the boys lined up for haircuts yesterday morning. Grayson went first, while Neylan watched. Last time I tried to trim a little around his ears and the back, it was not a good experience. So, he watched to get himself warmed up. Then Adam somehow convinced me that Neylan's hair would look just fine if we cut it with the same clipper guard we use on Grayson. Becuase Grayson's hair always turns out fine. Well, not the story with this kid! It looks horrible. We had to shave off inches of his beautiful hair once it was started. And this mama is very sad. Hopefully it grow back VERY fast. We now know that he will need to have long hair to be as cute as possible!


  1. Ok, I posted my other comment before I saw this. Somehow the other blog doesn't look as bad...don't worry, it will grow back soon!

  2. He's still a cutie! But as a mom I would be sad too :) How are you all? I've been thinking about you guys!

  3. I don't know what you're talking about.. "huge mistake"? He looks adorable!