Sunday, September 18, 2011

Three months already!!!

Three months ago (on Friday) we arrived home with this bundle of joy. I can't believe it's already been three months, but I have to say, I am glad we are past it. It has been a very difficult three months for us. I definitely wasn't naive to the challenges that adoption brings, but I really didn't think I would struggle like I have. I am just beginning to feel like I have my head back above water and can enjoy my days a little more. We are getting into a pretty steady routine, now that Daddy is back at work and only one parent is in control of the schedule!

Neylan fell asleep in my arms during the cab ride back to the hotel after being handed over to us. So trusting.
It's too soon to attempt a photo shoot during the first 3 days home

Water play was a daily activity during our record breaking summer of hot temps

The boys began bonding a little more in July, after just a few weeks home

We learned that Neylan loves dogs

and popsicles

He was a bear crawler for several weeks before he learned to walk

He's learning how to use toys more appropriately

I think they will be best friends soon

Some things are better when shared

The boys took a few swim lessons this summer

The bonding and play together continues to increase

They are so cute when they are laughing together

And when they are up to mischief

My love has begun to grow for my new little one and I am beginning to feel like I know him better. It's a process. One that I would do again, just not quite yet.

So after three months:
  • Neylan is sleeping through the night
  • He has learned how to take a real nap during the day
  • He is screaming so much less
  • He only cries for a minute or two before falling asleep
  • He says "Mama" constantly and knows exactly who answers to that name
  • He is starting to say "Dada", but doesn't quite associate it yet with Adam
  • He has learned what he likes and doesn't like to eat
  • He has picked up a few signs, although he doesn't use them often to communicate
  • His receptive language is coming along quickly
  • He has learned to walk!!!!!!!
  • He has been on his first roadtrip
  • He has met his grandparents and aunts and uncles
  • He and Grayson are really starting to like each other
  • He is a great imitator {that's good and bad}
  • He is doing well at daycare
  • He is doing so so so much better at church (our hardest place to transition)
  • He is doing well in the childcare center at the gym
  • He has finally cute a molar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only 3 more to go
  • He is off all of his bottles- and doesn't seem to mind
  • He is able to drink through a straw
  • He is handling Grayson's toughening up lessons well
  • He loves music and is doing the motions to some of his favorite songs
  • He answers to his American name {said by Mom and Dad} and his Korean name {said by Grayson}
  • We have already had two post-placement visits from our social worker
We are feeling much more connected and know he is the perfect fit. I know it takes time and can be a very long process for a family to really feel bonded after adoption. I feel like we are on the upside now and for that I am so glad. We can still use prayer as each day with two toddlers is very challenging.

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  1. So glad to see things are getting better every day! Your boys are too cute! Prayers coming your way, couldn't imagine two toddlers at once:)