Wednesday, November 16, 2011

We're learning- slowly

This week, my goal is to have a few structured "learning" activities for the boys to do. We had gotten these two little pumpkins a few weeks ago and now, I finally have to time to do something with them. We started by just feeling the pumpkins and talking about their texture.

Then we wiped them off

We took the lids off and let them have a spoon

Then this OT mama took the spoons away! Neylan jumped right in with his hands and started pulling seeds out.

Grayson was much more hesitant and needed a lot of convincing that this was fun. Had no idea he had such texture issues. We will definitely have to continue some messy play activities!

Mr. Touchy-Feely was all about playing in the seeds

Then we rinsed the seeds in a bowl of water

and got them ready to roast.

We ended up with a pan of roasted pumpkin seeds and 2 roasted pumpkins for pureeing

We have been home now for 5 months and are slowly learning what Neylan likes and dislikes. This was a fun activity with him. He has no hesitation touching different textures. We have even had people comment on how much he likes to touch things. He's a tactile sensory seeker for sure. So, what will we learn next?

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