Tuesday, May 24, 2011

??? Days and Counting!!!

Well I will at least write what went on today. I was going to try to do the entire post from the iPad, but am experiencing some frustration. So, no pictures for now until I have a little tutorial on how to make them appear. I thought Apple was supposed to be very user friendly!

Anyway, today. . .

  • Grayson and I did a litle shopping. I tried on a different carrier, which didn't feel the best, so I didn't buy it. But I did buy Grayson some nice shoes for the trip. Some good walking and play shoes.

  • Nearly finished buying and organizing our gifts and donations. That was a chore in itself, but i think we have everyone covered now.


  • Packed the first suitcase! It is completely full of gifts, donations, and the big pea pod. And weighs in at about 46 lbs!


  • I made copies of our passports

  • We bought curtain rods for both boys' rooms. Hopefully this week they will be put up and curtains hung!

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